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Vibrant Cleanse - 12.7 oz

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Product Description

Vibrant Cleanse is the rapidly soluble, convenient, powdered version of the lemonade diet. Its purpose is to mobilize and eliminate toxins stored in fatty tissue, liver, kidney and other organs. The unwelcome metabolic waste and foreign substances are sent on their way out of the body through major excretory channels: The urinary tract, bowels, breath, and perspiration. People feel revitalized, and most notice a loss of excess body fat as the detoxification process moves forward.

The purpose of a cleaning fast is to remove metabolic waste and accumulated environmental toxins from the cells of your body. The most effective way to begin a cleanse is to help prepare your body and mind by removing as many distractions from your lifestyle as possible. Take a look at your work and social calendars; choose a time that is less stressful. The quieter time will set the stage for successful fasting.

During the cleanse, you will not eat any solid foods. You will drink 6-8 glasses of Vibrant Cleanse per day. You can have unlimited amounts of water and herbal tea. Complete elimination and cleansing can be accelerated if desired through the use of an effective laxative herb tea in the morning and/or evening. Most find it more convenient and helpful to drink a gentle laxative tea at night to aid morning elimination.

  • You can stay on the cleanse for as little as 3 days and up to 30 days. A 10 day cleansing fast is common.
  • During the initial cleansing period, no solid food is to be eaten.

Grade B Maple syrup powder (certified organic)- 12.71gm
Lemon Juice crystals (certified organic)- 2.15gm
Cayenne pepper powder- 140mg

As dietary supplement, mix one (1) rounded scoop, 22 grams, of Vibrant Cleanse powder into 8 ounces of very warm water, or cold water if you prefer, and drink. Repeat up to six (6) to eight (8) times throughout the day.

* The above statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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