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Tart & Sweet Cherry Extract

TOTAL HEALTH Nutrition Center Supplement Facts

 Tart or Sweet ~ Cherries are Amazing!

         TOTAL Health is always looking for the best supplements for our clients & often, there will be a few forms of a nutrient.  This is confusing for the customer, as usually everyone has a write-up to support their product & this is the case for Cherries ~ what’s best?  Tart or Sweet?

          Tart Cherries are primarily grown Michigan & the TOP form is CherryPURE Tm from Shoreline Fruit.  Their Montmorency cherries are processed into CherryPURE powder, which is then sold to companies for use in their products (like Carlson Labs & Life Extension).  Only the skins of the cherries are used to make their CherryPURE, while other products may have added ingredients or processing aids (to prevent clumping).  Studies at Texas A & M used a 480 mg capsule dose and other studies have used liquid cherry juice.  As a rule, darker cherries will have a higher the antioxidant effect.  While tart cherries have higher levels of phenolics & anthocyanins (the anti-inflammatory properties we are looking for), let’s not overlook her close cousin …Sweet Cherries!

           Sweet Cherries are the tasty deep red cherries we buy in the produce section.  The most common varieties are Bing, Rainier & Lambert (all grown primarily in Washington, Oregon & Idaho).  The majority of the cherry juice on the market is also sweet cherry juice.  Sweet cherries have higher sugar & calories than tart cherries.  While the primary studies are with tart cherries, both forms seem to be beneficial for gout, along with conditions involving inflammation & pain, muscle pain & back pain. In 2005, the FDA sent warning letters to cherry farmers & distributors regarding making claims, so most of the advertising reflects this warning.

             In 2006, the British Journal of Sports Medicine examined the effectiveness of cherry juice in preventing symptoms of exercise-induced muscle damage.  For most of us, this would be felt as muscle pain (1-2 days after strenuous exercise).  While the study was small, pain & strength loss was 5.5x lower for those drinking 12 fl oz (2x/day for 8 days).  The only downside of drinking cherry juice versus taking capsules is the calories & sugar.  An average 12 fl oz glass of tart cherry juice will have 150-185 calories & 32-44 grams of sugar, so 2 x a day would make this a significant part of your daily calories. 

          In looking at products to stock at TOTAL Health, we focused on YOUR best cost per mg/cap & we will be stocking products from Carlson, Life Extension (LEF) & Source Naturals.  CherryPURE Tm is used in Carlson & LEF, while Source Naturals used sweet cherry extract.  Here are the details:

  • Tart Cherry  (Carlson) – 500 mg CherryPURE per cap / Cost per 100 mg = $.054 (120 cap bottle)
    • 60 vcaps are $16.90 & 120 vcaps are $32.20
  • Tart Cherry (LEF) – 480 mg CherryPURE per cap / Cost per 100 mg = $.069 (60 cap bottle)
    • 60 vcaps are $19.00    
  • Cherry Fruit Extract (Sweet) (Source Naturals) – 500 mg/cap / Cost per 100 mg = $.032 (180 tab bottle)
    • 180 tabs are $28.50 & 90 tabs are $14.98

        Integrative Therapeutics has a very interesting product called End Fatigue Pain Formula which combines 333 mg Sweet Cherry Extract, 300 mg Boswellia Extract (70%) & 133 mg White Willow Bark (aka ‘natural aspirin’ @ 30%).  A bottle of 90 tabs is about 2x/day higher $ than taking a straight cherry extract, but the added ingredients might make it a more potent choice.  A bottle of 90 tabs is $31.  Current feedback is 'Tart Cherry got me off Ibuprofen... THIS is even more amazing in the pain relief!'

           To date, feedback from clients (& staff) has been astounding!  It has reduced muscle pain by 75% in one ‘tester’ & others report similar results.  TOTAL Health is providing 12 capsule sample baggies of Carlson’s Tart Cherry for anyone to test for themselves. 

 To order or for additional information, call Jeff at (919) 781-9994 or jeff@totalhealthnutritioncenter.com

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