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Cetyl Myristoleate aka CMO

Cetyl Myristolate is an ester of fatty acid. An ester is formed by combining a fatty acid (myristoleic acid) with a long-chain alcohol molecule (cetyl alcohol). The cetyl alcohols used are obtained from palmitic acid (sourced from coconut and palm oils).   Myristoleic Acid is found in the oil of Sperm Whales and in certain vegetables and nuts.  Most CMO products are sourced from beef tallow.  CMO is considered a natural lubricant and a super surfactant (like a ‘WD-40’ for the joints), which makes it easy to absorb.

Fatty Acids are individual components of oils in the same way that amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. Polyunsaturated fatty acids, such as Linolenic (Omega 3) and Linoleic (Omega 6), are crucial to life and are called essential fatty acids (EFAs). Research has shown that Cetyl Myristolate appears to have the same beneficial characteristics as the EFAs, but may be stronger and its benefits are longer lasting. EFAs used over an extended period of time have been shown to decrease pain, inflammation and the motion limitations of arthritis. Cetyl Myristolate offers the same benefits in about 3-6 weeks instead of the need to take EFAs for extended periods of time (which could be years). These findings do not suggest that one would discontinue EFAs, as their benefits extend beyond joint pains, but the addition of CMO may provide relief in a short period of time.

Cetyl Myristolate seems to function in three ways. First, it serves as a lubricant for the joints and the entire body, making muscles glide more smoothly over other muscles, bursa and bones. Secondly, it functions as an immune modulator, reducing the auto-immune response. Thirdly, it mediates the inflammatory process (similar to the action of EFAs).

CMO was discovered by Harry W. Diehl over 40 years ago (patented 15 years later in 1977), while working at the National Institute of Health, in an attempt to aid a friend and neighbor who was debilitated by arthritis. The story is poignant and too long to relate here, but the main focus was to use mice as a ‘medium’ for investigating the mechanisms for arthritis. He found that mice possessed a natural immunity to developing arthritis and thereafter discovered a previously un-researched compound (cetyl myristolate) was circulating in the blood of mice. This was the source of their immunity. Early CMO products were very expensive, as they were extracted from mice, and Diehl developed the esterification methods used today.  In 1996, he further patented CMO under the trademark name MyristinTM (marked by Vaughn Marketing). Today, many companies are producing high quality CMO on their own by the same methods used by Harry Diehl.

In researching a number of available formulas for inclusion in our inventory at TOTAL HEALTH, we looked at the strength (mg) of the capsule and bottle size/cost, after verifying the company’s manufacturing standards.

The CMO we are stocking is Karuna's 275 mg per capsule with 120 in a bottle selling for $36.60.  We also stock Jarrow Formulas 'True CMO', with a 60 cap bottle containing 360 mg CMO Complex per cap for $25.95.  We have had clients & patients obtain good results with either product.

 How you take CMO – Since CMO seems to ‘store’ in the body and joints, most people will only need to take 1-2 bottles (60 capsules per bottle) to obtain long term benefit. Milk Thistle (Silymarin) will enhance the benefits of CMO in individuals with a history of alcohol or tobacco use, along with any history of years of medications, chemotherapy or radiation. It is suggested that Milk Thistle could be taken 3-4 weeks before starting CMO to obtain optimal effects. There are recommendations to avoid substances that suppress the immune system while taking CMO and for 2 weeks after finishing, such as:

  • Alcohol (beer, wine & liquor)
  • Caffeinated beverages (coffee, tea, chocolate, soft drinks, Excedrin, etc)
  • Any foods known to aggravate your immune system (allergic foods)
  • Laxatives (which may encourage elimination of CMO)
  • Sugar (which is an immune suppressant)…an underlying reason people get sick over the holidays??

Note: We have reports of good results while limiting, but not avoiding the list above. Results may vary.

Dosage of CMO

  • Minor Symptoms – Take at least 23 grams (1 bottle)
  • Severe Symptoms – Take 46-92 grams (2-3 bottles)

CMO is best taken on an empty stomach 2-3 capsules at a time 2-3 x a day (up to 6 capsules a day). Best suggested dosing is 1 hour before am meal & mid afternoon (3.5 hours after noon meal) or at bed (no food 3.5 hours prior). After taking the suggested dose above, you STOP! For intermittent relief of any trauma to a joint or chronic painful area (‘fused big toe joint, old injuries to knees, etc), a topical CMO cream might prove useful. This is available in a 4 oz size for $24.00.

To order or for additional information, call Jeff at (919) 781-9994 or jeff@totalhealthnutritioncenter.com

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