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Are you taking the right COQ 10? There are at least 3 forms of CO Q-10 on the market & each has its own unique absorption / utilization. Before you restock or start taking this supplement, learn about this unique supplement.

COQ-10 is produced from fermentation in a dry powder form with almost all of this production being done in Japan by the Kaneka Corporation of Osaka, Japan. The technology to make CO Q-10 was launched by the Japanese in 1977 after its original discovery in the US in 1957. Due to the proprietary manufacturing processes & prohibitive manufacturing costs, Kaneka has maintained a monopoly on the production of CO Q-10. With an increased demand for COQ 10 in the US, Kaneka has opened a plant in Plano Texas & prices have come down a bit in the last year. +

After the CO Q-10 is produced in its powder form, it is either put in a capsule or mixed in an oil base. The oil form has a 3 x better absorption than the ‘dry powder’ when taken on an empty stomach. The ‘oil based’ form is most common product form & is referred to as Ubiquinone. Dry powder forms could be used for people with swallowing problems (cannot swallow a gel cap), but to get adequate absorption, it needs to be opened & mixed in a fatty food. Both the powder & ‘oil based’ forms are in the Ubiquinone form.

Kaneka QH (Ubiquinol) is the new ‘active form of COQ-10. Studies have shown this form to be up to 8x more bioavailable & up to 250% greater anti-fatigue effects than Ubiquinone.

When comparing costs, comparison of the 2 forms would be based on a factor. If we use a conservative 2.5x greater benefit from the QH form, it is a better ‘buy’. If the actual benefit is higher than 2.5, it’s a much better product & some studies claim 8x higher absorption.

Every company is making a version of the Ubiquinone (old) form & claim better utilization due to their unique process. Many of them have added Ubiquinol forms to their line. Total Health is stocking all versions of COQ-10 so you can make an informed decision & get the product you feel is best for you!


Costs on COQ-10 (oil forms only no dry powder forms listed due to potential 1/3 lower absorption)

Ubiquinone (traditional form)

Q-absorb 30 mg > 120 gels > $26.95

Q-absorb 100 mg > 120 gels > $53.95

Ubiquinol (new Kaneka QH form with 2.5- 8x better absorption)

QH-absorb 30 mg > 60 gels > $21.95

Super Ubiquinol 50 mg > 100 gels > $58.00

QH-absorb 100 mg > 60 gels > $55.95


If the Ubiquinol (QH) form is compared at 2.5x better utilization, the math indicates you could cut your daily dose in ½ & could receive the same or better COQ-10 benefit at a lower cost per month. To switch to this new form on your next order, just say ‘new form’ or ‘QH’ & we’ll make the switch.


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