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The Best of NEWSLETTER’s #13 to #19 (Jan ‘08 – Dec ’08)

 Things to know ~ (Alphabetical order – month listed at the end)

  •        Are you taking the right Cinnamon?

A few clients brought in supplements for review & everyone was taking the wrong form of Cinnamon – plain cinnamon powder capsules. The right cinnamon is standardized & marketed under the name Cinnulin®. - a stdzd. extract of cinnamon powder that has a specific level (3%) of the type ‘A’ polyphenols believed to be the bioactive compounds in cinnamon. Cinnulin® is also about 20x more concentrated than ordinary cinnamon powder & it would take about 5000 mg of cinnamon powder to equal the potency of the 250 mg of Cinnulin®. The Cinnulin® form is an aqueous extract, which removes blood thinning (Coumadin-like) compounds. (No one recommends taking a higher dose of Cinnamon powder due to the blood thinning factor.) Studies using cinnamon extract with standardized type A polyphenol levels have shown benefits for lowering blood glucose & enhancing insulin sensitivity, while studies using straight cinnamon powder have failed to yield any consistent results.  We stock ProThera’s Cinnamon Extract & Life Extension’s Cinnulin®PF (with CoffeeBerry Forte). Both formulas contain 125 mg of standardized Cinnulin®,   The ProThera Cinnamon Extract comes in 60 caps @ 125 mg. Life Extension’s Cinnulin PF is 90 caps @ 125 mg (+ 100 mg CoffeeBerry). Life Extension has added CoffeeBerry, an ingredient that may aid in converting stored sugar to blood glucose. Aug ‘08

  •       BCQ (Bromelain, Boswellia, Curcumin & Quercitin)

This is our BEST anti-inflammatory ‘combo’ formula with 600mg per/cap of 4 ingredients. While you might take 1 ingredient at a higher strength, the combined effect of these 4 ingredients could get you ever more relief. It could be used for sinus/head pressure, joint/muscle aches & pains or GGI inflammation. Dose is 1 cap 2 x a day (empty stomach) & some clients double this for better relief. A 60 cap bottle for 30 days @ 2 a day. After a wk at the lower dose, try 2x the dose. If you get better relief at 2 caps 2x/day, the 240 cap bottle is for you. Nov-Dec ‘08

  • Biotics Research introduces Sculacia for RA & OA

This is a proprietary blend of two flavonoids, baicalin (Scullteria baicalensis) & catechin (Acacia catechu) in a 250 mg capsule for the support of symptoms of Rheumatoid (RA) & Osteo Arthritis (OA). This product is novel in that it works in the 2 pathways that increase the metabolism of Arachidonic Acid (AA). High AA levels may be caused by a fatty acid imbalance (red meat, dairy, & more). The compounds in Sculacia (flavonoids & flavans) also seem to be available by prescription as Limbrel, which is heavily researched in its product information (Limbrel.com). These compounds are found in fruits & vegetables & in the supplement or Rx form, they are concentrated. What is different about the way these compounds work is that they seem affect both the COX & LOX mechanisms by affecting the natural metabolic balance in the body. Most drugs & supplements for arthritis treat only one pathway. Boswellia may be useful to support a 5-Lox (LOX) imbalance & Devil’s Claw or White Willow Bark may support a COX imbalance.One assumption is that both RA & OA is a result of an inflated AA (arachidonic acid) level. And what causes higher levels of AA in the body? An imbalance of Omega 3 & Omega 6 fatty acids (most notably a higher Omega 6 level) or in simple terms, a diet that is out of balance. This takes me back to the 1st seminar I attended in 1997, which focused on how all arthritis originated in the gut & could be improved by the use of medical foods & fish oil to lower Omega 6 (bad fats). The medical foods referenced are the rice-based formulas like Nutriclear or UltraClear. So, where does this leave us?The inflammatory symptoms of arthritis may be affected by omega 3 fatty acids (fish oil) & the flavonoids in fruits & vegetables. Our ‘modern’ diet is loaded with Omega 6 (meat, dairy, most grains, & eggs). The higher levels of Omega 3 fatty acids may reduce Omega 6 (which may decrease AA - arachidonic acid). The product information for Limbrel mentions a 28 & a 90 day study with subjects reporting significant improvement in stiffness & mobility. It’s nice to see an Rx using the dietary approach to dis-ease that has been the foundation of integrative medicine since its origin, but to have the supplement form at half the cost. Feedback on Sculacia so far has been favorable! Jan-April 08.

  • Check out this website >> Nutritiondata.com

During a search on the nutritional makeup of Chia Seeds, I came upon this incredible website. It uses visual charts & graphs, along with fact boxes on everything you would want to know about food (except ORAC values). To use it live, you need to register (its easy & free). After you sign up, you just enter the food name in the search box to get the facts. Most items print on 3 pages. E-mail me if you need help. July ‘08

  • CHELOREX in tablets or liquid (for kids)

This is one of our Oral Chelation Formulas that has been shown effective for removing Toxic Metals. The formula is a synergistic blend of MSM, Chlorella, N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine, L-Glutamine, Taurine, Cilantro Leaf Extract & Alpha Lipoic Acid, with 6,900mg in 18 tablets (approx 383mg per tablet). The formula also contains Vit C, Magnesium, Zinc, Vit E & Selenium. In 2004, the Carolina Center Staff & a select group of patients participated in a study & the results showed a 38 – 64% reduction in Toxic Metals after 90 doses of Chelorex. This range in results was for Fecal, Hair & Urine Testing. Daily dosing is set by weight, with 1 tablet per 10 lbs of body weight (maximum 18 tablets if over 180 lbs). The dosing can be done for 90 days or you could take the ‘by weight’ dose twice a day for 45 days. Carolina Center patients can arrange for metal testing labs at your next office visit. I’ve been taking the 18 tablet/day dose for the past month & I have noted an enhanced ‘clear-headedness’. A few clients have felt a reduction in ‘brain fog’, which could be a sign of toxic metal build up.

  •   Chelorex Tablets - A bottle of Chelorex contains 540 tablets & is $90. For 120 lbs you would take 12 tablets per dose & a bottle lasts for 45 doses. A 200 lb man would take 18 a day & a bottle lasts 30 days (doses). For example, if you weigh less than 125 lbs, it’s a 2 bottle treatment & over that weight, it is 3 bottle ‘treatment’. A maintenance dose can be taken at 2 to 6 caplets a day ongoing.
  • Chelorex Liquid - Chelorex Liquid comes in a 32 oz bottle & this is ideal for someone that cannot swallow a small tablet or for anyone under 90 lbs. The treatment plan for 60 lbs is 2 bottles & 90 lbs is 3 bottles. Over 120 lbs, you would need 4-6 bottles, so the cost goes up significantly. To re-introduce CHELOREX Liquid, we have split bottles into 8 oz ‘starter’ bottles. There are 16 TBS per bottle & the daily dose for a 90 lb person is 2 TBS/day (8 days per bottle) & a 60 lb person would have a 12 day supply at a lower dose. This should be enough time to verify the liquid form will work for you before you get the 32 oz size. The 32 oz bottle runs $95 & we will have it on special thru the end of the year for $70. If you are currently on Detoxosode Metals Liquid, this may be a good alternative. Next time you’re in, pick up an info sheet & give brain fog the boot! Sep-Oct ‘08


  • CHEWABLE Digestive Enzymes

We have sample packets of two versions of chewable digestive enzymes which would be ideal for kids or anyone with swallowing issues. One is from NESS called ‘Digest Chewables’, which has a fruity flavor with 90 tabs. The second product is from Genestra called Bio Enzymes & has a more extensive ingredient blend. It comes in 100 tab bottles for as well with a very strong peppermint flavor. Feel free to ask for a sample pack next time you’re here or we can include it in your next order. Sep-Oct ‘08

  • COQ-10 Update ~ New Form ‘Kaneka QH’

COQ-10 is produced from fermentation in a dry powder. From here, it is either put in a capsule or mixed in an oil base. The oil form has a 3 x better absorption than the ‘dry powder’ when taken on an empty stomach. The ‘oil based’ form is most common product form & is referred to as Ubiquinone. The dry powder form can be used when you can’t swallow a gel capsule, but it needs to be added to a fatty food. Both of these forms of COQ-10 (the powder & ‘oil based’ forms) are Ubiquinone.

Kaneka QH (Ubiquinol) is the new ‘active form of COQ-10. Studies have shown this form to be up to 8x more bioavailable & up to 250% greater anti-fatigue effects than Ubiquinone. When comparing costs, comparison of the 2 forms would be based on a factor. If we use a conservative 2.5x greater benefit from the QH form, it is a better ‘buy’. If the actual benefit is higher than 2.5, it is a much greater product. Every company is making a version of the Ubiquinone (old) form & some companies have a unique process / delivery system that they claim offers better utilization in the body. Some of them are starting to make products with the new Ubiquinol form.

THNC stocks all versions of COQ-10 so you can make an informed decision & get the best product for you!

Costs on COQ-10 (oil forms only)

Ubiquinone (old form)

Q-absorb 30 mg > 120 gels > $26.95

Q-absorb 100 mg > 120 gels > $53.95

Ubiquinol (new Kaneka QH form)

QH-absorb 30 mg > 60 gels > $21.95

QH-absorb 100 mg > 60 gels > $55.95

If the Ubiquinol forms are compared at 2.5x better utilized in the body, you should be able to cut your daily dose in ½ & could

receive the same or better COQ-10 benefit at a lower cost per month. If you would like to switch to this new form on your

next order, just say ‘new form’ or ‘QH’ & we’ll make the switch. Jan-April 08

  • CMO (Cetyl Myristolate) – a Testimonial/ favorable results

A reader e-mailed us this testimonial, which mimics my pain-free experience in Nov ’05.   Here’s her statement ~ “I was having knee pain from getting back into exercising. The knee pain was continuous, as I have arthritis. I started taking CMO & with the first bottle I had some relief. By the end of the second bottle, the pain was completely gone & I have had no pain like I did, as of 2 1/2 months. EXCITEMENT!!” Cetyl Myristolate comes in 60 cap bottles & in cream (2 & 4 oz). Try the cream 1st & if it works, get the capsules! Aug ‘08

  • CORVALEN – Chewable d-Ribose

This is a cost effective way to take ribose (used by athletes for ENERGY & is recommended for CFS. In this chewable form, 3 tabs = 5 grams of Ribose.   Studies show dosing 3 x a day (15 gr/day) has been beneficial in restoring normal energy levels. The powdered ribose we stock is $.99 per 5 gram dose. A bottle of 90 Corvalen Chews is $29.95 (30 doses @ 5 grams) or $.99 a dose. Same cost & easier to take. No discounts on this item. Aug ‘08

  • Do you find labels on products confusing? Blame the Food Allergen Labeling Consumer Protection Act (FALCP) of 01/06

Here’s what’s happening. In the last year, we have seen dairy free products that now say ‘Contains Milk’ on the label. Did the company start using milk? No. It’s just a new label. The FALCP was designed to have information on labels to identify potential allergens in supplements, but unfortunately, the ‘act’ gave no detailed guidelines on what to say on a label. With no standard for how to word a label, you don’t know if it is an ingredient, if the item was grown on the allergen or if the allergen is 4 blocks away in the next building (like peanuts in many cases). Jarrow cultures one of the bacteria strains in a milk medium & the bacteria are removed from the milk for inclusion in their ‘Original’ Dairy Free Jarrodophilus. Now, they have chosen to put on the disclaimer ‘Contain Milk’ as per the FALCP, even though it would test as non-detectible for milk (& there is none present). I find this troubling because there is no firm way to word things, no compliance date & no penalty for non-compliance. To the uninformed public, a product on a shelf next to an updated product might look better when in fact the opposite could be true. I’ve caught most of this on labels & tell you when you pick up items, but please e-mail or call if you see anything on our product labels that concerns you. This topic was covered in News #1 – Dec 06 & was important to review again. May ‘08

  • The FDA Indicts Itself

Life Extension has an article on the FDA’s report titled ‘FDA Science and Mission at Risk’. Basically, the FDA admits they lack the funds, staffing & resources to do their job. For anyone that has family or friends that have blind faith in government bureaucracy, this is an important article to print for them to see. There is a link to e-mail congress to approve the ‘fruits of research’. In simple terms, we should have the right to pursue treatments ‘Not approved by the FDA’ if the FDA admits they are too incompetent & incapable of keeping up with scientific advances. The website for the petition is ‘stopfda.com’. To get the article, go to the Life Extension website (lef.org) & in the header, find Magazine & click it. In the drop down menu, the article is at This Year / July 2008.


WOMEN’S Probiotic w/ 20 yrs of documented research for Urinary Tract & Vaginal Health. Contains 2 strains & 30 caps. Mention this & get 10% off (addit discounts OK). Non-Dec ‘08

  • Guggul Plus for Cholesterol Support

A client asked us to find a product with Niacin (no flush), Garlic, & Guggul & we now stock Guggul Plus from Integrative Therapeutics. This would be a great addition to support healthy cholesterol metabolism & the daily dose is 3-6 caps a day with a 90 cap bottle. Niacin & Garlic are purported to be the best ingredients for improving HDL & some studies show Guggul to be beneficial for lowering LDL. Sep-Oct ‘08

  • 5 HTP or L-Tryptophan? Which one is right for you?

Around 1989, the world was taking L-Tryptophan for general wellness (sleep & mood) when right out of the blue, the Japanese manufacturer botched a batch & a whole bunch of contaminated product made it to the US. There were lawsuits & the FDA (in its wisdom) banned it from OTC sales & moved it into pharmacy. Shortly after this, someone ‘discovered’ that 5-HTP had similar properties and it had escaped the evil eye of the FDA. For 19 years, we have used 5-HTP for sleep & mood with favorable results. Interestingly enough, it took 1/10th of 5-HTP to do the same thing as L-Tryptophan, with the dose being 50 mg versus 500mg for L-Tryptophan. Well, L-Tryptophan is back in the 500 mg strength & most everyone has it in stock. If you analyze their effects, 5 HTP is better for mood & good for sleep & L-Tryptophan is better for sleep & good for mood. We are stocking Protocol for Life Balance’s (PLB) L-Tryptophan, with 60 caps @ 500 mg. If 5 HTP is working, I’d say there is no reason to switch since our Biotics Research 5-HTP is 150 caps. If you prefer a higher dose of 5-HTP, we also stock 5-HTP w/ Tyrosine. This formula has 200 mg 5-HTP & 250 mg L-Tyrosine per cap. A bottle of 60 vcaps is available. If you are taking 2-3caps of 5-HTP a night, you might test taking 4 caps (200 mg) before switching to this higher dose. June ‘08

  • Hair Dyes to Die For

A reader sent us a link to an article on the toxicity in hair dyes. The article is a PDF file & can be found at ‘lotuspress.com/LtPpDrRxNew2.pdf’. While it recommends 2 products that seem to have some involvement w/ the author, it might be something to look at, especially if you use any dark hair color. Anyway, does hair dye fall under ‘It’s Not Nice to Fool Mother Nature’ or ‘There is No Such Thing as a Free Lunch’? Or is it BOTH?

  • IntraMAX from Drucker Labs > IN STOCK

This is a liquid carbon-bond ORGANIC liquid All-In-One multivitamin, w/ minerals, herbs, EFAs, antioxidants, enzymes, amino acids, veggies, aloe vera, sprouts, fibers, Noni, electrolytes, probiotics, super green foods & phyto nutrients in a vegetarian form. For long term clients, you know it takes some incredible research behind a product for me to add a very unique item. IntraMax falls under this category & it is way beyond anything on the market in a liquid nutrient. . I have an info sheet to hand out & they make a ‘Travel Size’ 2 oz bottle (in stock) that sells for $7.50.   Personally, I am weaning myself off my regimen of 10-15 things & will take this religiously for a while. If I feel as good or better after a few months, it will make my program more affordable. It runs $80 for a 34 oz bottle, which is about $2.35 a day. It has a peach-mango flavor & could be an excellent all-in-one maintenance multi. May ‘08


 This product continues to stop colds & flu in its tracks, with most all new users reporting a quick response & return to wellness. Keep it on hand to start taking as soon as illness begins or a few weeks before any airplane travel to STAY well! Too often folks call after getting sick & the delay in having it mailed makes the difference between getting well sooner. Lauricidin is $34.95 for the 8 oz tub of pellets, which are swallowed whole (not chewed) with a glass of water. May ‘08

  • Lauricidin Revisited ~ What’s YOUR ‘COLD SCORE’?

I’m at Lauricidin – 1 / Colds – 0 . I flew to Vermont a few weeks ago & sat next to a guy that changed handkerchiefs before we took off. On my other side was a screaming baby that pawed me for an hour. The remaining 3 flights going & returning to NC were similar with sniffling people everywhere. After 3 nights in 3 different beds (futon, sofa & pull-out), I came home with a cold. I had all the classic symptoms of dry cough, post nasal drip, achy, itchy eyes & I started taking Lauricidin at 3 scoops a day. By the weekend (4 days later), I was back to normal ~ cold was gone. Lauricidin is a great remedy to keep on hand & we’ll have a new shipment next week.   Sep-Oct ‘08

  • Proteolytic Enzymes for Inflammation (like sore knees)

On the label, Protelytic Enzymes are similar to digestive enzymes, but are taken on an empty stomach to breakdown proteins in the system that cause inflammation. The most common formula on the market is Wobenzym, but Biotics Intenzyme Forte has the same ingredients (we stock Biotics version). There may also be trypsin & chymotrypsin, along with Bromelain & papain in these formulas. Recent feedback with taking Intenzyme Forte at 4 tabs 3-4 x a day (normal dosing) provided relief the same day for a very painful situation. Interestingly enough, a few bug/spider bites also lost their itch. Intenzyme Forte comes in 100 tabs & 500 tabs. In all cases, the higher dose (3-4 tabs at a time) is usually needed to get results.   June ‘08

  • PS 100 (aka Phosphatidylserine) & Seriphos

PS is a fat-soluble substance called a phospholipid, which supports brain function. It is an essential component of cell membranes in the body with higher concentrations found in the brain. It is lacking in the normal diet & slight quantities are found in lecithin (derived from soy). It is purported to benefit adults over 50, especially those with memory loss. Recommended daily dose is 100 mg 3x a day. It is usually expensive & Jarrow Formulas PS 100 runs $60 for 120 caps (100mg PS per cap). I noticed that the label for Seriphos (we stock this) shows > L-Serine (105 mg) & Phosphorus (335 mg). Is this the same as PS? We’re been using Seriphos for years & take it at bed (1-2 caps) to aid in sleep & reduce am cortisol levels. I checked with our product gurus & they said you would get the same effects (benefits) from Seriphos as with PS. Seriphos is in a bottle with 100 caps. 

  •   Probiotics for your Pets?

We all take probiotics when we take an antibiotic to re-colonize our good bacteria, but what about our pets? Every time our dogs get their teeth cleaned, we put them on Pet Dophilus from Jarrow Formulas. Pet Dophilus comes in a 70.5 gram powder, with 4 billion organisms per gram. Dose for medium dogs is ¼ - ½ tsp, so a bottle would have 140-280 servings. For large dogs the dose is ½ - 1 tsp. Sep-Oct ‘08

  •  Quick Fixes

Here’s the first thing that comes to mind when someone asks about choices in supplements

    •     Reading at Night (trouble reading in low light) – Bilberry
    •    Joint Pains – Cetyl Myristolate Cream, Proteolytic Enzymes on an empty stomach
    •     Colds & Flu – Lauricidin & Zinc Lozenges (1 every 2-3 hours with some food for 3 days)
    •    Forgetful (memory) – Ginkgo, ThinkWell, Synaptin, Seriphos
    •   Urinary Tract discomfort – d-Mannose powder & Cran Clearance
    •    Congested (head, lungs, sinus) – BCQ (Boswellia, Bromelain, Curcumin & Quercitin) or Quercitin
    •  4 Day Fast – try Vibrant Health’s “Vibrant Cleanse” ~ Organic Lemon Crystal, Cayenne & Grade-B Maple Syrup (mixed in hot water) & a cup is ‘taken’ every 3-4 hours throughout the day. Tasty!          Nov-Dec '08


  • Seriphos (Working Well) 

 In July, we looked at the similarities between PS-100 (Phosphatidylserine) & Seriphos. We saw they are essentially the same ingredients & our ‘product gurus’ told us they should yield the same effect. PS-100 is $.50/cap & Seriphos is $.27/cap, so why not make the switch to Seriphos? Seriphos is usually taken at bed for potential cortisol lowering support during the night, but it may also be taken during the day for sustained benefit. After our write-up in July, I suggested that some PS-100 users try Seriphos & see if they maintained current results. Here’s a comment from one user - “I was taking the expensive PS 100 & was getting good sleep results. I switched to Seriphos & I got the same result. I fell asleep fast & stayed asleep all night long. During PMS times, I recommend taking 1 5 HTP with the 1 Seriphos. I am saving lots of money!!” Thanks to our ‘reviewer’ & ask for samples if you are currently taking PS-100. Sep-Oct ‘08

  • Soluble and Insoluble Fiber: What’s the Difference?

Renew Life has great info in their FREE Essential Health Magazines & a recent issue explained the differences between the 2 forms of fiber. Most of the commercial fiber is soluble only, so it will dissolve in water, which makes it easy to market. When we eat food, we get a mixture of soluble & insoluble. To most closely match food, the best fibers are a mix. So, fiber is classed as soluble or insoluble based on its reaction with water. Soluble fibers breakdown in water & form a gel in the digestive tract. Examples are Apple Pectin, & Guar Gum. Insoluble fibers pass through the digestive tract intact, acting like a broom to ‘sweep’ the walls. Examples are lignan, cellulose & hemicellulose. The healthiest ratio is 75% insoluble to 25% soluble fiber, which mimics the balance found in food. Psyllium has the opposite ratio (20 insoluble to 80 soluble), which is why when taken by itself, it may cause gas, bloating & constipation. The better psyllium formulas contain additional insoluble fiber to correct the natural imbalance. Soluble fiber, found in apples, barley, peas, oats, lentils & cranberries, has been shown to promote healthy blood sugar, lower cholesterol & boost heart health. Insoluble fiber, contained in whole grains, cauliflower & beans, improves bowel function & helps remove toxins from the colon. (Source: Renew Life). Total Health stocks Organic Triple Fiber Powder, which is a blend of Flaxseed, Acacia & Oat Bran (in approx. a 25/75 ratio). We also stock Fiber Food Caps , which is a blend of Psyllium, Guar Gum & Apple Pectin (in approx. a 50/50 ratio soluble to insoluble. The Triple Fiber Powder 12 oz & we also have the Fiber Caps (both last approx. 30 days). Nov-Dec ‘08

  • Supplement Fact Sheets

We have the following ‘fact’ sheets available to help you know the details on various products. We can include a copy with an order or e-mail them. Here’s the list:

    •     Almonds – some info on raw almonds & soaking them for better digestion & utilization
    •    COQ 10 – Various forms compared, including the newer 2-8x more bioavailable Ubiquinol form
    •     Inflamatrim – an all-in-one supplement for blood sugar, adrenal, metabolism, inflammation & cholesterol support
    •     Cetyl Myristolate – a cream or capsule supplement for relief for sore joints
    •    Fibers – a review of the various forms of fiber (to be updated to include Chia, Glucomannan & Salba this fall)
    •     Fish Oil – UPDATED with Enteric Coated, how to read the label, Daily dosing & comparisons of formulas
    •     Integra-Lean Irvingia – LEF’s new weight loss supplement
    •    Lauricidin – an inexpensive anti-viral supplement that has many immune system benefits
    •     Memory & Brain – a review of the supplements from THNC’s Optimal Health Sheet
    •    Natural Appetite Control – how the appetite signals turn on & off & a supplement to support healthier eating
    •     Sleep - a review of the supplements from THNC’s Optimal Health Sheet (in June ’08 News)
    •    Theanine Serine with Relora – our best herbal ‘chill-out’ supplement. We also have sample packets               Sep-Oct ‘08


  • The One-Cent Solution to Bug Bites

This is so cool!! Tape a penny over a bug bite & the itching will go away almost immediately. Our resident chemist says this makes sense with the copper neutralizing the acid in the site. A round band-aid would be perfect or medical tape (sold right next to band-aids). Do not leave on more than an hour. June ‘08

  • Total Health’s Optimal Health Chart

I get a lot of requests to make a list by symptom or condition with the main supplements that are used. If you’ve been to the website, you know it is categorized like this. Unfortunately, the products from “Physician Only” companies cannot be shown or sold on the web. So, I’ve made a category ‘best of’ list. The way I’ve designed the chart is you pick a multi, add an Omega 3 & add your choice from the 3rd group at the top. Then, the specific areas are below along with our best products for each group, such as Vision, Blood Sugar, Sleep, etc. In order to get this on one page, there are some products listed on the same line due to space limitations. Please feel call or e-mail to get info on anything or to order. Send this on to friends & family & Enjoy! June ‘08

  • TOTAL HEALTH’S Optimal Health Chart ~ What’s in the Memory & Brain Section? 

 We have 7 formulas that may benefit memory & brain function (clear headedness). For most any of these, you need to take them for 30 days before you assess their benefit, though some people report positive effects in the first week. Due to the blood thinning properties of some herbs, there are cautions for anyone on prescription meds. Since there are ingredients that are common to different formulas, a short description of each ingredient will be given in the first formula listed & after that, only the supplement facts (mg, etc) will be listed. Here’s the list:

1. Ginkgo (aka ginkgo Biloba) – The fruits & seeds of the Ginkgo tree have been used in China medicinally for 5,000 years. It is the most studied herb in the world with nearly 300 published studies. In the extract form (known as GBE), it takes 50 lbs of leaves to make 1 lb of extract. The process takes 2 weeks & has 27 steps. It is primarily used for treatment of cerebral & peripheral vascular disorders. It may help symptoms such as vertigo, tinnitus, headache, short term memory loss & other problems associated with decreased blood flow. The recommended dose of GBE for preventive use or peripheral circulatory support is 60 to 180 mg/day in divided dose. A higher dose if 240 mg a day (divided dosing) may be beneficial for cerebro-vascular insufficiency or early stage Alzheimer’s. Since it has anti-coagulant properties, there are cautions regarding use if taking any medications or aspirin-like products.

o    Products stocked by THNC are:

1. Ginkgo

§  Ginkgo 60 or 120 mg - twin pack of TWO 120 cap bottles is $26.50 (60 mg) & $34.95 (120 mg

§  Ginkgo Phytosome - 240 caps @ 80 mg is $58.50. In this form, the Ginkgo is bound to phosphatidylcholine, which    dramatically improves absorption. Also available in 60 & 120 soft gel sizes.

2. PS 100 (Phosphatidylserine) – 120 caps for $60 (100mg PS per cap) - PS is a fat-soluble substance called a phospholipid, supporting brain function. It is an essential component of cell membranes in the body with higher concentrations found in the brain, but it is lacking in the normal diet (slight qtys are in soy derived lecithin). It is purported to benefit adults over 50, especially those with memory loss. Daily dose is 100 mg 3x a day.

3. Seriphos – 100 caps for $26.95 - Very similar to PS-100, with each cap containing 105 mg L-Serine & 335 mg Phosphorus. Product gurus at 2 companies said you would get the same benefits from Seriphos as with PS.

4. Vinpocetine 20 mg – 60 vegecaps for $17.90. This is derived from an alkaloid found in the leaves of lesser periwinkle. It is shown to enter the brain in 10 minutes & increases the flow of red blood cells. Best if taken 60 min after a meal, but some formulas say take it with a meal. We also have 90 caps @ 10 mg for $23.60.

5. Synaptin - 60 caps for $13.95 - A vitamin/herbal blend for cognitive support. It contains (per cap): 

    §  TTFD (bioavailable Thiamin - vitamin B-1) – 15 mg (providing 11 mg Thiamine)

    §  Bacopa Monneira – 60 mg (an herb used in Ayurveda to enhance memory. Studies have shown increases in retention of new information, learning rate & processing visual information.

  • §  Ginkgo Biloba – 50 mg (see description above)