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The Best of NEWSLETTER’s #1 to #12 (Dec ’06 – Dec ’07)

 Things to know ~ (Alphabetical order – month listed at the end)

  •  Are your Artificial Sweeteners causing Your Brain Fog

I listened to an informative radio show featuring Ben Rothstein, MD, author of ‘Brain Fog’ (web brainfognomore.com). He has a list of things to do to alleviate symptoms of brain fog & his #1 thing is Eliminate All Artificial Sweeteners! He also recommends exercise (do it till you sweat to remove toxins), eat hi fiber foods (like oatmeal), avoid the brain drain (TV), & drink water profusely. I know many of you gave up the ‘pesticide’ sweeteners months ago after we featured Mercola’s ‘Sweet Deception’. For anyone still using them – try stopping all of them for 2 weeks & see if your headaches, sinus issues, sleep disturbances & aches go away. Dec 07

  •    Calcium Dosing – What’s best? Load up or spread it out?

Calcium has a limit to what is absorbed with estimates being between 200 mg to up to 350 mg at time. Theories differ as to whether excess (un-absorbed) calcium may be stored or accumulated in the body when we take larger doses, but for maximum utilization, spreading the dosing out over the day is the best. This would mean that you could divide your doses & take some at wakeup, am meal, noon, dinner & bed. The bedtime dose is beneficial for sleep & helps reduce / avoid leg cramps. For maximum benefit to support calcium related bone density situations, taking it more often in the lower doses would be highly recommended. Jul – 07

  •    Calcium Supplements Reduce Fracture Risk - New Meta-Analysis (in the Media)

  Life Extension reported on a Meta-analysis of a study done by researchers at the Univ. of Western Sydney Center for Complementary Research. According to the findings, a review of randomized trials confirms that calcium supplements reduce fracture risk in older individuals over 50. They reviewed data from over 63,000 participants in 29 clinical trials & their report was published in the Aug 25, 2007 issue of The Lancet. The meta-analysis (a review of previously conducted trials) evaluated the effect of calcium supplements or calcium plus Vit D on fracture risk & bone mineral density in subjects over the age of 50. Calcium supplementation was found to be associated with a 12% lower risk of all types of fractures. Interestingly, high compliance with the supplement regimen doubled the reduction. A daily dose of 1200 mg of calcium & 800 iu’s of Vitamin D was associated with the greatest benefits. For the full report, go to ‘LEF.org’ & in the search box type in Newsletter August 28 2007. Under “LEF NEWS”, the newsletter for Aug 28 will be at the top. Total Health stocks a Calcium/Magnesium/Vitamin D Boron Formula.

  •  Dosing in Medical Terms

Here’s the ‘code’ for the daily dosing that appears on prescriptions. We write the dosing out longhand on bottle tops, but it would be great to start using the ‘code’. One time a day is QD. Two times a day is BID (note…’bi’ means 2, as in biplane, bipolar, etc). Three times a day is TID, which also makes sense. Think about triangle (3 angles), tri level (3 floors), etc. Four times a day is QID, which I remember by it’s similarity to ‘quad’, as in 4 (4 x 4, etc). So bid/meal would be 2 x a day with meal & qd/empty stomach is 1 x a day on an empty stomach. There are other ‘codes’ for ‘before, after, with/without food’, etc, which we might look at later. May-Jun - 07

  •  Effective Treatment for Fibromyalgia (as reported in 11/7/07 LEF Daily News)

Dr. Oz commented on the Oprah Winfrey Show (11/6) about Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum’s work with Fibromyalgia & his treatment protocol – SHIN. This focuses on Sleep, Hormonal deficiencies (which he said were present despite blood tests showing normal), Infections/ Inflammation, & Nutritional Deficiencies. His findings were that 90% of his patients improved by 75-90% between 3 months & 2 years. He also recommended Ribose, a simple 5-carbon sugar (5,000 mg 3 x a day) & saw a 45% increase in energy in only 2 weeks. Total Health has Ribose in 100 gram & 200 gram sizes. We can also order a 450 gram size. For the complete article, references & links to more information, go to the Life Extension Website (lef.org) & click on ‘News’. Then select ‘Daily News’ & click on ‘Disease’. The articles are by date.   Nov ‘07


From Nutribiotic, this 485 mg capsule of essential electrolytes (Vit C, Cal, Mag, Potassium, Sodium, Chloride, Zinc & Chromium) supports electrical muscle function. This formula is taken before or after exercise to restore lost electrolytes (thru sweating). It has a ph of 6.8 & is a bottle of 100 caps. Dec 07

  • Expiration Date – What does this really mean?

We’ve heard from numerous companies that their products were still good years after expiration dates & it is essentially used as a tool for retailers to rotate their stock to sell thru older stock first. We found a great article on jigsawhealth.com > resource center > FAQ > Products > ‘My Supplements Have Expired….’ The article explains about maximum potency thru expiration date & how items may be good long after the printed date. Another resource that talks about drug expiration dates is The Harvard Family Health Guide (Nov ’03). I can e-mail a link or search health.harvard.edu/fhg & then in the box, select ‘About Staying Healthy > Nov 2003. When in doubt, contact the manufacturer or your pharmacist. It was surprising to learn that this date means so little. Dec 07

  • FIR – Far Infrared Saunas

We have a new reliable source for the portable Saunas. These are very similar to the Arizona Saunas we carried years ago, but at a lower cost of $385 (picked up in our office). There are no pictures on the Internet of our exact unit, but they are very similar to the shiny square ‘box’ like’ saunas (head shown sticking out the top). The chair is the folding ‘camp’ style chair with a cloth seat & back. Not everyone is a candidate for an infrared sauna & we can mail or fax you sauna protocol information to review before your purchase. Saunas are non-returnable due to sanitary considerations, be sure it is appropriate for you. Also, no ‘hot’ additional discounts apply. Dec 07

  •  Fish Oil – What to look for?

When health articles mention EFA’s (Essential Fatty Acids), they are usually referring to Omega 3 fatty acids. These may be supplemented to the diet from fish oil & flax seeds. Flax seeds have some potential conversion problems in the body due to vitamin deficiencies & other factors, but taking fish oil is the direct way to get the benefit of Omega 3. The best fish oils are derived from ‘small’ toxin free (Mercury, PCB’s & Dioxins) fish, like anchovies, sardines and mackerel. The cheaper fish oil in discount stores that don’t specify the source may be derived from Tuna, Swordfish or Shark, which are big fish loaded with toxins. The gov’t standard for ‘cleaning’ fish oil of toxins does not require they be 100% toxin free. Most all of the high quality fish oils in health food stores & in the ‘physician only’ market ARE toxin free (usually cleaned to ppb levels & the toxins are non-detectible).   Newsletter #2 – Jan 07


  •  What’s the right dose?

The dose that is referred to as the ‘right dose’ is 2,000 mg a day. To find out how many gels of your brand you need to take to get that dose, add the mg of EPA & DHA and divide into 2,000. A formula with 180 mg EPA & 120 mg DHA has 300 mg of total Omega 3’s. It would take 6-7 gels a day to get 2,000 mg. Our EPA/DHA ‘780’ (our highest strength) has 780 mg of combined Omega 3’s per gel. At 3 a day, 120 gels last 40 days. For the hardy types, liquid forms have 1,600 mg/tsp.


     Can we put fiber products on a chart rating their binding properties & transit times? Our ‘expert’ at Renew Life & a chart won’t work – too many variables between people. Here are the factors that effect how fibers work:

o    Hydration - the amount of water we consume during the day. Drinking every 2-3 hours might help a slow system.

o    The amount & nature of ‘material’ in the colon – cleansing fiber formulas might help clear this out

o    The amount of salt in the diet & the processing of salt in the body, which effects water retention

o    Bacterial & flora balance – this is different for everyone, but a healthy balance will help elimination

o    Bile (our natural laxative) - how it is released & processed effects regularity. An annual (or semi-annual) Liver/Gallbladder Flush??

o    The naturally occurring ratio of fibers found in fruits and veggies is 65-75% insoluble & 25-35% soluble.

o    Insoluble fibers do NOT dissolve in water & pass thru in bulk ('roughage') as they remove residue & prevent toxic build-up of waste.

o    Soluble fibers (psyllium, acacia gum, Bentonite, etc) dissolve in water & absorb water (psyllium 40x its weight in water). They also have a 'sticky' property as they pass thru the GI tract as they grab gunk & pull it along.

o    Since a large amount of water is re-absorbed in the large intestine, fibers that are not 'wet enough' (drink MORE water) will slow down & have a tendency to make you constipated. The water re-absorption will take precedence, so be sure to increase you water consumption if you have a 'slow' system.

o    You can check your transit time by eating beets. (They are very red...need I say more?)

o    So, whether you use acacia gum, psyllium or Bentonite clay (very slowing by water absorption), be sure to keep your liver/gall bladder clean, drink a lot of water and eat natural fibers in your diet!

  •       LEF reports > Eating Beans Lowers Cholesterol (LEF Daily News Nov 30 ’07)

The main point is fiber added to your daily diet seems to lower cholesterol. This also seems to happen with oatmeal, rice products & cereals. No one will exactly define the action (absorb fats or change transit time), but it repeats the fact that More fiber IS healthy! Dec 07

  •      My bottle says 1,000mg, but what is actually in the tablet?

Current ‘old’ FDA regulations require that 90% of the label claim is actually in the tablet/capsule. This means if a 1,000 mg Vitamin C tablet has 905 mg, it’s legal. Future GMP standards have been passed requiring 100% of label claims, but the FDA has allowed some time for companies to conform. The ‘great’ companies have always filled the capsules to still be at 100% of label claim at expiration to allow for some degradation while the bottle is on the shelf. Consumer Labs (www.consumerlabs.com) analyzes supplements & finds many products fail to match their label claims. What to do? Stay with companies that have high standards & verify independent assay of their products. Feb – 07

  •      Placebo Effect – a Real Love/Hate Relationship 

In a simple sense, this is when you experience the effects of something that does not have a physical reason for it to be happening. In drug trials, it occurs when a % of subjects that got a ‘sugar pill’ & GI bleeding similar to those that got the drug. In both groups, the subjects’ would have read a brochure that would state the benefits & potential side effects. For those on the ‘sugar pill’, their fear or belief in the negative side effects triggered these symptoms. I recently read where a study was done to assess the power of belief in treatments. The findings were that people that believed in their treatments, medications or supplements were more likely to have favorable outcomes than those that lacked this belief or felt they were worthless. It makes you wonder if a positive attitude is a key to the best medicine & why things work for some people, while others get no benefit.   Nov ‘07 

  •    Probiotic Meltdown? – Probably Not…

The basics on heat & breakdown in potency are simple. We called ten companies & the answer was uniform. At room temperature (maybe up to 80 degrees), probiotics lose ½ % of their potency a month. While refrigeration is always recommended for maximum potency, if you forget to take them (lost in the fridge), it would be better to leave them out & take them. Between April & October, high temps make it necessary to give you an ice pack if left in a hot car or included in mailing (which adds to postage cost). Pretty Cool…huh?   Dec 07

  •   Sleep Masks, Night Shifts & Cancer – Is there a relationship?    

       This announcement was published in the journal Lancet Oncology, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (part of the World Health Organization). They stated that there appeared to be a relationship between high levels of electric light & certain cancers (breast in women & prostate in men). The idea is that working night shifts under electric light disrupts the circadian rhythm cycle, which governs sleep & wakefulness. The disruption of this cycle affects the production of melatonin, which could lead to cancer. The article also mentions that the lack of natural Vitamin D may also be a factor. They also state that this is just a relationship – not a reason to quit our night jobs. William Bates (author of the Bates Method of Improving Your Eyesight) comments on the use of a sleep mask to improve vision – especially presbyopia. TOTAL HEALTH stocks the 40 Blinks Sleep Masks. These masks have deep eye pockets for long lashes & come in black & crazy colors. Dec 07


In 1 minute, your liver filters 1 liter of blood. In 24 hours, we produce a qt of bile, which is stored in the body & released to breakdown the fats we eat. Bile also is a natural laxative. And, last but not least, with every heartbeat, 20% of our blood supply gets pushed through the million nephrons (approximate #) in the kidneys as ultra-filtration and absorption of nutrients. Amazing! For More > Search Wikipedia & look up Kidney. Apr – 07

  •  Stop Colds at the Ear

Dr. Mercola mentions a Hydrogen Peroxide wash in the ear canal for colds & flu. We’ve tried this (my wife & I) & we experienced no progression of developing colds. This is an old-time remedy, mentioned by one person as being used in British India. You can read about in on mercola.com > search ‘Hydrogen Peroxide’. There are 2 articles (03/20/02 & 03/27/02). Another resource is entnet.org > healthinfo > ears > earwax. Can you hear me now? Dec 07

  •  200

This is the # of food related decisions an average person makes in ONE DAY! Ex. - Wheat or white, butter or mayo, turkey or ham, 1 slice or two, regular mustard or Dijon, water or tea?...…get it? This explains why it is SO easy to get derailed if you do not already have a good offense in place for better eating choices. Fill up on good food first before you are hungry! The next TOTAL HEALTH Supplement Fact Sheet ‘Natural Appetite Control’ should be ready next week. Oct - 07

  • 8,000 Jumping Jacks (or 2 hrs 15 minutes @ 1 a second) or Why is it SO Hard to drop a few pounds?

That’s the amount of exercise it takes to burn up the calories in a pint (16 oz) of Ben & Jerry’s. Good news? 500 jumping jacks for 1 oz (8 ½ minutes). Hate exercise? Learn to hate ice cream! Oct - 07

  •  4 doughnuts

contain 7 tsp of sugar , which is the same as the sugar in 1 can of Cola (about 2 rounded TBS)   Oct - 07


Someone asked me to check out ~ (Alphabetical order – month listed at the end)

  •       Anyone sick of drug ads on TV? Will your voice be heard?

People Pharmacy highlighted the concern about DTC (direct to consumer) advertising by drug companies in the News & Observer (Sunday, Oct 14 2007). The FDA & FTC will probably never get a real solution on this because of the huge money that is funneled to lobbyists by Big Pharma. There are tremendous profits to be made in sales, especially to the boomers & suggestive advertising works. The other side of the problem is TV stations & magazines would go under without these advertising dollars. The Graedons’ (People’s Pharmacy folks) suggest we tell our lawmakers how we feel about this, but to-date, I haven’t seen any organized effort to rally the masses. If this happens, Life Extension will feature it & we’ll get the word out. For now, use the mute button or TIVO thru the commercials.   Nov ‘07

  • Follow the Money behind ‘Antioxidants A,C & E Lead to Early Demise’ 

On March 5, Fox & Friends reported that JAMA had an article stating Antioxidants A, C & E did not help with extending life (may actually shorten it). The study was done by the Cochrane Hepto-Biliary Group. I ‘googled ‘ their name & in a few minutes I’m reading the Annual General Meeting (AGM) minutes of the Consolidation Trading Company Ltd. (Ottawa, Canada 2004). The ‘Cochrane’ Group is a ‘subsidiary’ of this conglomerate. They perform reviews of studies & translate medical documents in foreign countries. The Board Meeting is fascinating & focused on how to remove the impropriety of receiving funding, which may be a conflict of interest & maintain their credibility. I would assume the paper trail is cold 3 years later. Life Extension (www.lef.org) has a great rebuttal to the JAMA article in the ‘Consumer Alerts’ section of the ‘NEWS’ Page. (Click on the ‘NEWS’ in the header on the main page.) The article is ‘Another Flawed Attack Against Antioxidants’. The ‘news story’ on the JAMA article can be found on MSNBC.com > search Health/Diet & Nutrition/Antioxidant pills don’t help you live longer. Pass this on to your skeptical friends, since some people think that JAMA articles are beyond reproach. Stay informed, stay skeptical & stay healthy! Mar - 07


  •      Drum Roll……Mango Juice, ORAC Values & More

I’ve spent weeks collecting data on supplements, foods & liquids (juices) & ranking them to show the ORAC valve per gram (or capsule). The ORAC value is the Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity or the ability of antioxidants in an item to wipe out free radicals. The original question in the Dec Newsletter was about Mangosteen (XanGo) & this juice is not spectacular (while the fruit in a dried powder/capsule has THE highest ORAC value). An apple (per gram) has a 30% higher ORAC than XanGo & apples are cheap in comparison. Brunswick Labs does much of the independent testing on foods/fruits, etc & many companies use their data. Companies make confusing claims with total ORAC per bottle and NONE of the miracle fruit juices are cost effective in their liquid form. Note > any fruit in a dried form (raisins versus grapes, prunes versus plums or blueberries versus dried blueberry powder) will be MUCH higher per gram in the dried form & powdered fruits in capsules are THE highest overall. If you want to get the biggest antioxidant bang for your buck, stick to whole foods, standard fruit juices & consider powdered fruit in capsules for the highest levels at the best cost. Based on this ‘study’, TOTAL HEALTH will be adding a Mangosteen capsule soon (#1 on the list w/ 2150 ORAC per cap). This will sell for under ½ of the cost of the #2 ORAC item from ‘Futurebodies’.We may also add Nature’s Pearl Muscadine Grape Seed caps & maybe Muscadine Plus Powder. We currently stock Blueberry & Pomegranate Capsules from Life Extension (#3 on the list and 60 caps). The ORAC Chart will be ready to e-mail (Excel doc) next week.. Feb - 07

  •    Master Omega 3 ~ as heard on the Radio or TV ~ Whoa!!!

These ads are everywhere, so what makes this stuff different? Nothing but slick marketing! It is processed in the same manner as all good fish oil & all the stated benefits are the same as any fish oil.   This is standard 1,000 mg Omega 3 with 360 mg EPA + 220 mg DHA (580 mg total per gel). There are many discrepancies on the website, where they state the amount in 1 gel as being 2x higher. I confirmed 2 weeks ago that this info is wrong …deliberate? They said they would correct it, but now they have a ‘new special’ where they state you get 3 bottles of 120 gels, but another typo?? It’s actually 60 gels & it takes 3 gels a day to equal the 2,000 mg EPA + DHA that is recommended. At their best price, you get 180 gels (& need 3 a day) for $59.90 (or $30 a month). We have 120 gels with 2,340 mg EPA/DHA in 3 gels & a 40 day supply is $29.49 ($22.11 month). So, buyer Beware & keep the phone calls coming! Aug - 07

  •         Meta-analysis of Chondroitin = ‘Not’ Effective – Is it True???

I found a review of this study written by a Naturopath (ND) explaining the nuances of the study. The study (published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, 2007) used data from 20 trials of Chondroitin Sulfate (CS) taken for 6 to 103 weeks. In the Meta-analysis, they looked at only 3 of the 20 trails (eliminated 17). The ND mentions that when a study is designed to knock down a treatment, the subjects are permitted to continue taking the use of OTC meds, in addition to taking the item(s) being studied. This makes the waters murky when it comes time to say something worked in trials.These studies also included non-compliant subjects (who didn’t take the supplements) with the study being designed to simulate ‘real-life’ situations. It was also noted that in 2/3 of the trials, the form of CS used was either below the standard dose or given IM (not a normal treatment method). One interesting disclaimer was that none of the study ‘authors’ were affiliated with any company making a CS product. It would have been nice if they had said as much about their affiliation with a pharmaceutical company making NSAIDs. So, the conclusion of the ND is that no statistical analysis was presented to stop taking CS, while numerous studies exist that show its benefit. We have CS from Jarrow (Glucosamine/Chondroitin) & Biotics Research with their 95% absorbable Purified Chondroitin Sulfate. May-Jun – 07

  •         Resveratrol’s ORAC Value

The ORAC issue again & One Reminder – if we ate fresh fruit & veges picked right off the plant, there would be no need for hi ORAC value supplements. ORAC is equal to saying antioxidant & more is better to quench (neutralize) free radicals. Since the freshness of fruits & veges in the stores is unknown, it could be beneficial to supplement your diet with high quality antioxidants. Douglas Labs ‘Nutri News’ (Sept ’07 issue) reported that even under refrigeration, picked spinach loses 50% of it’s Vitamin C content in only two days! Jarrow Resveratrol has a 1500 ORAC per 500 mg cap & a bottle of 60 caps. Mangosteen is a lower cost per ORAC/capsule alternative. Dec 07


This is Dr. Mercola’s book on the artificial sweetener industry (my aka is ‘pesticide industry’) that details the history of these chemicals. He talks about the futile attempts by the FDA in early years to prevent their approval (lobbyists won). Don Rumsfeld took over the head of the drug company that was attempting to get Aspartame approved (FDA had denied approval numerous times) and shortly after that the FDA hierarchy was infused with members that had a favorable opinion of Aspartame. The rest is history. There are many organizations & foundations with cleaver names that imply someone is watching out for our health. These groups state their ‘approval’ for artificial sweeteners, which is why traditional doctors also recommend them whole heartedly.Unfortunately, the Chemical Companies that make these products provide major funding to these groups. Mercola implies that the purpose of these groups is to self promote the products. In past newsletters, we’ve suggested testing your actual tolerance of these chemicals and a few people have reported that most (if not all) joint pains were resolved, along with headaches & sinus issues. This is a big topic & this book is worth reading (available on Mercola.com). I will try to add some info each month. When my summary of the book is done, I’ll let you know! May-Jun - 07

  •         What are the best supplements for vision?  

Vision products fall into a few groups – night vision, macula, dry eyes & some combo products that have everything. Bilberry was noted in WWII when British soldiers used bilberry jam to improve their night vision. I’ve tried this & found I didn’t need to turn the 3-way light up as high to read at night. The Macular Pigment is 50% Lutein – a carotenoid that may improve structural integrity of the macula. Zeaxanthin & Meso-zeaxanthin make up the other 50% of the macular carotenoids, with Meso-Zeaxanthin being more unique to formulas. There are many liquid ‘dry eye’ products available in drug stores. TOTAL HEALTH stocks Jarrow Bilberry, Lutein & Vision Optimizer, along with Life Extension Super Zeaxanthin (with Lutein & Meso-Zeaxanthin) and Bio-Tears from Bio-Syntrx. Liver Cleansing is also referenced in vision support & we stock Renew Life Liver Detox, Jarrow’s Liver PF & the Whole Body Cleanse (featured above in ‘What’s New’), which also contains a potent Milk Thistle component.   Oct – 07

  •        What’s the story about gut bacteria, chocolate & obesity?

I read that chocolate lovers have different gut bacteria than people that don’t crave it. Also, obese people have different bacteria than skinny people? The two bacterial ‘conditions’ were referred to as Bacteroidetes & Firmicutes. This presents an interesting question -> can you take something to change your disposition? We asked industry experts for their thoughts (they were aware of the studies) & to date, there are no products in the works. One opinion is that you would not want to attempt to change your balance, as there are too many unknown factors that contribute to the noted differences in the flora environment. It would fall under Rule #1 – it’s not nice to fool Mother Nature. One company is in the early stages of developing a strain of probiotics to stimulate satiety. Nov ‘07

  •        When the Media Reports ‘Supplements Fail’ in Studies… do they??

A client sent me on a search for information on Saw Palmetto failing to do any better than placebo in studies. What I found may shock you, but after reading the report in the June 2006 issue of Life Extension Magazine, you will have a better understanding on why you need to do your own checking on things. The study changed the control group parameters from the original study it was supposedly trying to verify to include subjects with advanced disease conditions and the ‘researchers’ appear to be consultants for the pharmaceutical companies that make the prostate drugs. There are two articles that can be found on the LEF website that give some information on this study. Search under ‘Magazine’ and then Archive > 2006. The article is ‘Why the Media is Attacking Supplements’. William Faloon, LEF founder, has more facts in his editorial found in ‘As We See It’. The main thing to remember is the media is interested in selling newspapers & magazines and sensational (bad) headlines sell more!   Newsletter #2 – Jan 07



That’s all the room on the page, so until next month, stay healthy and take your vitamins!

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