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Best Time of Day to do Anything

As transcribed from notes on the Dr. Oz TV Show

Are you maximizing your exercise, your sleep cycle, boosting your metabolism in the best manner or even shopping at the key time? Dr. Oz focused on these & other areas in February on his TV Show, the Dr. Oz Show & unveiled the Best Time to do these for maximum benefit.


Dr. Oz reviewed our natural rhythm, aka the Circadian Cycle, along with day/night patterns & general metabolism information. The goal is for us to get the greatest benefit from our activities. Likewise, there would probably also be a worst time list. While his suggestions would be difficult for someone working a night shift or closing in a restaurant at 2 am, the timing of daily activities could be adapted to most any schedule. So, here are his suggestions!


Best time to Wake Up – 6:30am. The goal is to wake up at sunrise, after having 7 hours of restful sleep.   The keys to a good night’s sleep are to go to bed before 11pm, sleep in a cool, dark (pitch black) room & avoid visual stimulation (TV or computer) an hour before bed.


Best Time to Weigh Yourself – As soon as you get up when you are at your lightest weight all day. You may notice that you lose weight between bed & wake up, especially if you avoid eating after dinner.


Best Time to Exercise – 6:35am. Five Minutes after you wake up! The goal here is to burn up some fat BEFORE there is any food (calories) to burn. Later in the day you will burn different calories. Why not burn just fat? Many people look at exercise as a way to earn some food AFTER exercise (work off 200 calories at the gym & go out to eat that night), but this just maintains your weight. By exercising on an empty stomach, your caloric needs would come entirely from fat storage.


Best Time to Eat Breakfast – 7:30am. An hour after getting up. Delaying eating times just lets you get hungry.   This usually leads to bad food choices.


Best Time to Boost Your Metabolism – 8:00am.   About 1.5 hrs after getting up. Dr. Oz’s trick to get your metabolism jump started is to drink some iced liquids. Your body will burn calories to warm up!


Best Time of Day to Go Grocery Shopping – 10:00am. You are still full from Breakfast & blood sugar levels are up. Shopping in the morning will help you make better food choices. The worst time is probably on the way home from work after you have dwelled on what you ‘would like to eat’ all day.


Best Time of Day to Eat Lunch – Noon. About 4.5 hours after eating Breakfast. The goal is to space your meals out during the day without going too long & getting hungry.


Best Time to Take Your Fiber – 6:15pm. About 15 minutes before dinner. It will give you a full feeling & will eliminate 70 calories at each meal. In a year, this equals about 7 lbs weight loss. Another good time to take fiber is between dinner & bed to give you a full feeling & help avoid any late night snacks.  


Best Time of Day to Eat Dinner – 6:30pm. This is 6 hours after finishing lunch. If you get hungry mid afternoon, eat an apple. One goal of eating an early dinner is to avoid pre-dinner snacking and you always want to eat at least 3 hours before bed (while going to bed by 11pm).