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June 2016 Newsletter


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What’s NEW ~ Products & Info

  • Renew Life (RL) “7 Capsule GO-Pack” ~ Perfect for TRAVEL!!! This is RL’s 12 strain 50 Billion Probiotic in a Blister Pack.  These GO-Packs require No Refrigeration & are a SPECIAL BUY!  The regular price is $11.99 & we can sell them for $7.95 (no additional discounts).  The Special Buy is limited to Stock on Hand, so get a few ASAP!
  • AllQlear (from Integrative Therapeutics) ~ A proprietary blend of Quail Egg Protein & Alpha Glycosyl Isoquercitrin, AllQlear is designed for seasonal & environmental allergy support.  The small tablets are chewed & they state that it works in 15 min.  If other allergy formulas are not working, try AllQlear.  A 60 tab bottle (Berry Flavor) is $ 24.
  • FLORASSIST from Life Extension (LEF) ~ Two novel oral probiotics from LEF that provide beneficial bacteria for the mouth & throat.  “Oral Hygiene” is for the mouth, with 2 bacteria’s that inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria.  A bottle of 30 chewable lozenges is $ 19.  “Throat Health” is a single strain probiotic (S. Salivarius) that may reduce throat inflammation & reduce the growth of unhealthy organisms.  A 30 chewable lozenge bottle sells for $19.
  • Greek Yogurt Protein from Jarrow Formulas (JF) ~ High in fiber (8 grams per 2 scoops), “Greek Yogurtein” is a combo of Greek yogurt powder, whey protein, dietary fibers & coconut meal blend in a delicious coconut/vanilla flavor. A 15.8 oz container has 11 servings @ 15 grams protein.  Reg Price is $24.95 & Special Buy 25% off Price is $18.70.(No addit. Disc.)
  • Physiologics ~ (The Blue Glass Bottle Co.) shut down & we have found good substitutes for their products.  We still have a limited supply of their Ester-C 500 mg & Methylcobalamin B12 (5,000 mcg) at a great price (limited to stock on hand). 
  • JIVA (Fermented Soy with Curcumin) ~Another product gone, as this was a contract manufacturing operation & the people running it have moved on to other ventures.  We have a limited # on containers @ $39.95.  (No addit. Disc.)
  • Chelorex ~ A third company closed up, as no one wanted to continue the manufacturing & distribution.   We are sold out & have a few substitutes, which are for patients only.  This is especially sad as the Carolina Center did the trials (with labs) on Chelorex in the late 90’s.  While it took up to 18 tablets 1-2 x a day for treatment, it will be missed
  • MSA Testing in Wilmington for Patients & Open to the Public ~ Total Health now has a new team member, Denise Kohler, in Wilmington that is doing MSA Testing for patient follow-ups with Dr. Pittman.  She is also available for MSA’s for family members & the general public.  More information on MSA is available on the Carolina Center Website (Testing ~ MSA) or on Total Health’s website (Meridian Stress Assessment), along with the rates.  To inquire or schedule, contact us at Total Health (919-781-9994 or e-mail at the end of newsletter) & we’ll have Denise get in touch with you.  


What’s working well ~ Based on feedback from patient’s, clients & the News

  • Bug Bouncer (from Desbio) ~ Many biting insects avoid flowers & Delpheniums are high on the list!  Bug Bouncer is a homeopathic remedy that tricks a mosquito & other bugs into thinking you are a giant Delphenium flower.  I was outside last weekend & immediately started swatting bugs.  I went inside & shot 10 drops of Bug Bouncer in my mouth.  After a few minutes, I went back outside & watched mosquitoes hover over my arms & legs, but NONE landed.  Desbio claims this will work for 2-3 hours, at which time, 10 more drops under the tongue should do the trick.  A bottle of 1 fl oz is $20.85. 
  • Tick Pathogen Nosode (From Professional Complimentary Health) – A must have remedy for anyone with Ticks in the yard or on the trail.  It can be used to ‘aid in future resistance & recovery from tick bites’ or it would be taken immediately after being bitten.  I pull off a few ticks each year & usually end up with an itching bite site that drives me crazy for a few weeks.  Recently, I started this remedy the morning after pulling a tick (10 drops 3 x a day) & within a few days, the normal swelling & itching had completely subsided.  A 2 oz bottle runs $20.95.
  • Ortho Flora (Protocol for Life Balance) ~ Our replacement for Physiologics discontinued Candistatin, this is a Yeast Support formula (legalese for Prevention or Treatment) with 4 ‘treatment’ strength ingredients ~ Caprylic Acid 250 mg, Pau D’Arco 150 mg, Black Walnut Hull 150 mg & Oregano Oil Powder 100 mg (per cap).  Dose is 2 caps a day (or higher) with food & a bottle of 90 veg caps is $19.99.  This is a GREAT replacement for Candistatin!


Things to know ~ From the Media

  • “What Your Body is Trying to Tell You” (Experience Life Magazine April 2016) ~ This is an informative article that alludes to “telltale clues” that your body is giving you to indicate imbalances.  Many people have visited doctors that seemed to be clairvoyant in their ability to discern what was wrong with you, but it may have been their ability to see the visible signs.  While the body’s signs may not be applicable for everyone, they could be a good starting point in making a diet of lifestyle change.  Here are a few of the ‘body signs’:
    • o    Symptom > Smooth Tongue ~ Possible causes are B-Vitamin Deficiency & possible GI issues
      • §  Suggested Remedy ~ Add a Good Multi (more than a standard 1-a-day) & eat B-rich foods
      • o    Symptom > Decreased Sense of Taste ~ Possible cause is Zinc Deficiency
        • §  Suggested Remedy ~ Eat more zinc-rich foods like Oysters, beans (lentils), nuts & supplement with Zinc.
        • o    Symptom > Bad Breath ~ Possible Cause is Gut Dysbiosis (unaffected by brushing & mouthwash)
          • §  Suggested Remedy ~ Adopt a healthier diet that focuses on easily digestible foods.  Alcohol based mouthwashes destroy your mouth’s good bacteria.  See LEF’s FLORASSIST Oral Hygiene above
        • o    Symptom > Dark Circles under eyes ~ Possible cause is Food Allergies (besides fatigue, a cold or sinus issue)

Total Health ~ May 2016 Newsletter / Page Two

  • §  Suggested Remedy ~ Try the Elimination Diet or get allergy testing
  • o    Symptom > Thinning Hair ~ Possible cause is inadequate protein absorption) > also may be heredity or hormonal
    • §  Suggested Remedy ~ Blood testing can discern protein status.  Change diet to lower carbs & increase protein.  Absorption can be enhanced by taking a TBS of apple cider vinegar before protein meals
    • o    Symptom > Dandruff ~ Possible cause is yeast overgrowth on the scalp (microbial imbalance)
      • §  Suggested Remedy ~ Avoid harsh shampoo’s that strip essential oils, which allows yeast to thrive.  This is similar to Round-up on the lawn & then weeds thrive.  Avoid the anti-dandruff shampoos & allow your hair to regain its natural (oily) balance.  Yeasts hate oily skin & hair.  A little apple cider vinegar may act as a natural fungicide.  If unresolved, a treatment for systemic yeast may be needed.
      • o    Symptom > White Spots on Fingernails ~ Possible cause is Zinc or Selenium Deficiency
        • §   Suggested Remedy ~ Eat zinc rich foods (eggs, grass fed beef & oysters) or supplements.
        • o    Symptom > Brittle, Peeling nails ~ Possible cause is general nutrient deficiency, including fatty acids
          • §   Suggested Remedy ~ Increase ‘whole foods’ in diet & take hi-quality multivitamin & mineral supplement


Someone asked me to check out / As Seen on TV ~ Why are we Going Bananas Over Bananas?

  • A friend sent me an article (on Facebook) that stated that the more dark spots there are on bananas, the more TNF (Tumor Necrosis Factor) there is in them.  The leap of faith was that they might also be a Cancer Prevention.  It sounded interesting, so I started the Google Search & quickly found numerous versions of similar information rewritten by health feature writers (my term for loosely researched health articles).  I extended my search to TNF & what it is & found curcumin, catechins (in green tea) have anti-inflammatory properties thru TNF inhibition (a good thing).  But, NO scientific mention of bananas.  So, I went back to ripe versus unripe bananas & found numerous articles with the same info.  Then, the Smoking Gun… the article is “Bananas Prevent Cancer – Just Another Myth”.  The author states that the FB & other articles are a rewrite of an article he published four years earlier that was about how to critically analyze pseudoscience and misinformation. The authors that rewrote it just took the ‘facts’ from the Japanese Scientific Research, which was done by placing slices of bananas ‘in’ mice & noting the reaction.  The rewriters added their comments without even vetting their information.  Then someone rewrote it & so on.  Now I have a dozen articles on Bananas & from looking at the information, this is what seems to be known:
    • o    Unripe bananas are 40 % starch, which gives them a more resistant starch, lower glycemic index (takes longer to digest) & they contain probiotic bacteria.  The starch resistance may cause bloating or gas in some people.
    • o    Ripe bananas are 8% starch & 91% sugar (rise in blood sugar).  Antioxidants are higher than green.  A banana has about 500 mg of potassium & is low in sodium (1 mg). They are easier to digest than green.
    • o    Calories are the same in either form – just more sugars as they ripen.  About 105 calories in a 7” banana.
    • o    Bananas may be useful for constipation (fiber content), cardiovascular (potassium).
    • o    The reference for mood (depression) is a stretch, as they mention Tryptophan, which IS good for mood.  A banana has about 11 mg of tryptophan, while a cup of cooked turkey would have as much as 400 mg.  Tryptophan supplements normally contain 500 mg.
    • o    Antioxidants DO increase as bananas ripen (which is where the TNF allusion comes from), but vitamins & minerals (Vit C, Folic Acid & B-1) are lost as they ripen.


Media & Legislative Updates ~ Things that effect all of us! We are no longer in the DARK!

  • On March 16, 2016, The Senate voted to defeat the DARK Act (Deny Americans the Right to Know).  This is a victory for consumers & everyone that wants to know what is in our food.  The bill would have prevented states from requiring companies to label GMO foods.  In addition, it would have prevented pending state laws that would require this labeling from going into effect.  Ecowatch (www.ecowatch.com) stated ‘nine out of ten Americans support labeling for GMO’s’.
  • GNC ~ Possible Sale, Partnership or other – Their Board of Directors is committed on ‘increasing shareholder value’ after underperforming in the 1st qtr of 2016.  Being a for-profit, stockholder company, this could mean changes that do not benefit the consumer.  At Total Health, our clients & patients are ‘our’ stockholders & we focus on YOU!
  • Renew Life has been acquired by The Clorox Company. They state that ‘for a number of years, Clorox has been growing its business in the health and wellness space, with businesses such as Burt’s Bees, Brita water filtration and Green Works cleaners. The company has also been ranked as one of the top green companies in the U.S.’  We are confident that there will be no change in Renew Life’s products, but the beat goes on to have everything under just a few companies.

Coming Next Month > You can be a part of this Newsletter! What do you need to know?

  • What are Cocoa Flavanols?  Is this the Next Energy Supplement?
  • Supplement Q & A’s ~ I have a collection of 4 things to know about supplements.  Read the article & take the quiz!

That’s all the room on the page, so until next month, stay healthy and take your vitamins! 


Jeff Hickman - Product Manager/Buyer for Total Health Nutrition Center ~ Ph (919) 781-9994 / E-Mail   jeff@totalhealthnutritioncenter.com   

**None of the statements above have not been evaluated by the FDA.  Products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.