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CBD Oil > aka Organic Hemp (The NOT High Version)

TOTAL HEALTH Nutrition Center Supplement Facts

 CBD Oil > Organic Hemp (The NOT High Version)

         TOTAL Health has traveled the world & we’ve chosen CV Sciences Plus +CBD oil to be our in-stock product.  With many companies marketing CBD Oil products, we selected CV Sciences based on their fully traceable production ~ from seed to shelf!  Their 9 step process is:

  • EU-certified hemp seeds grown organically by a co-op of European Farmers (primarily in Netherlands)
  • On-site European ISO-certified facility using CO2 Extraction (the best!)
  • They oversee the direct import of the CBD oil to their laboratory in California
  • Raw material testing for cannabinoid content, pesticides, contaminants, heavy metals & solvents
  • Third Party Test to verify quality, concentration & safety
  • Chemically-free conversion of raw oil into varying concentrations of CBD Oil
  • Formulate & Bottle the final products in a cGMP & NSF-certified facility
  • Distribution ~ From Seed to Shelf ~ Plus +CBD Oil is the finest available

 What is it? Why would I want to take it? How do I talk about it to my friends?

         CBD Oil is cannabidiol & it is one of 60 compounds found in cannabis.  Of these compounds, CBD & THC are in the highest concentrations & most recognized.  While the levels of CBD & THC vary among different plants, agricultural (or industrial) hemp is grown for its CBD content & marijuana is grown for THC.  The plants look & grow completely differently (CBD looks like 10-15’ bamboo & is planted 3-6” apart like corn).  While both CBD Oil & THC may have medical benefits, CBD oil is non-psychoactive, meaning it does not produce euphoria.

         Until its discovery in 1992, the existence of the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) was unknown.  This central regulatory system in the body makes compounds that keep the body in balance.  Just like we balance our lives with sleep or balance pro-inflammatory omega-6 foods with ‘good’ omega-3 fats, we can balance our ECS System with CBD oil.

         The ECS is a group of specialized lipids, their receptors, and the enzymes. Through direct and indirect actions, endocannabinoids are known to modulate and influence a variety of physiological systems, including appetite, pain, inflammation, thermoregulation, intra-ocular pressure, sensation, muscle control, energy balance, metabolism, sleep health, stress responses, motivation/reward, mood, and memory. 

         The tone or balance in the ECS system is in relation to the two receptors in the brain, CB1 & CB2 being in balance, without one being dominant.  If CB1 signaling is dominant, there could be an increase in systemic inflammation, cardiovascular risk, diabetes, & obesity.  If CB2 signaling is over-active & dominant, there could be a decreased immune function & slower wound healing.  So, through our environment, diet, workplace & home life, there are many opportunities for the ECS to become unbalanced.  CBD oil could provide the homeostasis we have been looking for and this is why we would want to take it!

         In discussing it with friends & family, the proof is in the pudding!  If after using it for a while you feel no change in your wellness (mood, pain, mental clarity, sleep, etc.), then it’s not for you.  If you feel better, have less pain or more energy, you can say it IS working for you!  It would be like starting fish oil.  There may be no noticeable effects initially, but after a month, most clients say they feel better!

What forms does it come in & how do I take it?

         Industrial Hemp starts with a CO2 extraction, which gives us ‘raw’ hemp oil (may be referred to as CBDA).  Some companies stop there or buy bulk hemp oil & bottle it with claims of ‘full spectrum’ or naturally occurring trace minerals & other beneficial components.  This full spectrum may be referred to as CBC, CBG, CBG-A, CBC-A, CBN & yes… there is also some CBD!  Overall, the claims for the ‘whole food’ form make it evident that if you can sell it without the further processing, you make more $.  A closer look at the subjective (wishful) results users obtain from raw products makes it obvious that it’s the Wild West in Hemp Oil Town.  Why wouldn’t you want a higher yield of CBD & spend the time & money to extract it?  Does anyone that wants cheese drink milk instead? 

          After the raw oil is extracted, it is heated to convert CBDA to CBD.  Again, while there IS CBD in the raw CBDA, it may be anywhere from 3% to 30%.  Taking the cost per mg/ml & the yield, this is a waste of money.  Then the CBD oil may be manufactured in liquid (oil), capsule or paste (for oral or topical use). 

         Most all recommendations are to start with a low dose & gradually increase it, though there are no reported problems with higher doses.  Results are completely subjective, with some users perceiving results with 3-5 mg a day, while others may use 25-60 mg a day.  No matter what the dose, it is also not considered to be habit forming.  We are stocking it in:

  • 1 fl oz Spray (unflavored, vanilla or peppermint) with 1 mg CBD Oil per 2 sprays
    • o   160 sprays per bottle for $18.95 (total 80 mg per bottle)
  • 2 fl oz ES Spray (unflavored, vanilla or peppermint) with 3 mg CBD Oil per 2 sprays
    • o   320 sprays per bottle for $63.95 (total 480 mg per bottle)
    • o   This size/strength enables you to work up to 9-15 mg per dose (6-10 sprays)
  • Capsules with 25 mg CBD Oil per capsule
    • o   30 capsules for $69.95 (750 mg per bottle)
  • “Green” Paste in small jar with 4 servings of 38 mg CBD Oil per 250 mg serving
    • o   152 mg CBD Oil per jar for $20.95
    • o   Use a small utensil (wooden coffee stirrer) with CBD placed in the mouth for oral absorption
    • o   Save with a 4 pack for $71.95 ($17.99 per jar)
    • o   Save more with a 10 pack for $149.95 ($14.99 per jar)
  • “GOLD ” Paste in small jar with 4 servings of 60 mg CBD Oil per 250 mg serving
    • o   The Gold is the same color as the Green.  The name signifies higher mg.
    • o   240 mg CBD Oil per container for $34.95
    • o   Use a small utensil (wooden coffee stirrer) with CBD placed in the mouth for oral absorption
    • o   Save with a 4 pack for $119.95 ($29.99 per jar)
    • o   Save more with a 10 pack for $249.95 ($24.99 per jar)
  • 1.3 oz CBD Oil Balm (for topical use)
    • o   50 mg per container for $34.95
    • o   To be used at site of inflammation or soreness
  • Also available in prefilled syringes for measured dispensing (versus paste) at:
    • o   “Green” Oral Applicator with 4 servings @ 38 mg for $24.95
    • o   “Gold” Oral Applicator with 4 servings @ 60 mg for $39.95
    • o   Both of these are available in 3 packs or 10 packs at a savings

Many people do not object to the taste of unflavored CBD Oil & we have ‘taste test’ bottles in the store to taste.  Unflavored has a ‘green’ taste, and in Vanilla or Peppermint, the taste is masked well.  Most anything taken orally in liquid has a higher absorption potential, so the longer it sits in your mouth (or under your tongue), the more you could potentially absorb.   

            Since this is NEW at TOTAL Health, we will update this fact sheet as we get feedback from our clients.  At this time, we are 110% satisfied with CV Sciences sourcing & processing & will not be adding additional brands to our formulary.

 To order or for additional information, call Jeff at (919) 781-9994 or jeff@totalhealthnutritioncenter.com

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  Any products mentioned above are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.