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August 2013 Newsletter



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What’s NEW ~ Products & Info

  • SPECIAL BUY LIST, CLOSE-OUTS, ETC LIST – This is a special list that we send out whenever we have special buys, 2 for 1, close-outs & items in the store near exp date. (Remember, all of our companies test supplements to be at full potency AT exp date, so 25-50% off items at/near exp date is fine to take & a deal.) To get this list, e-mail back & put SEND ME THE SPECIALS in the Subject Line. You will be on the list. In the store, we have these items on a special shelf or have “Special Buy” sign by the items. Limit is 2 per client, so everyone has a chance to share in the $aving$!  
  • TOTAL HEALTH will be on ABC11~WTVD in August– We had a visit from Tisha Powell in July & filmed a piece on the Supplement Industry. The story is scheduled to air in August & it should be posted on their website for a few weeks after airing. The focus was on how the TOTAL HEALTH approach is different from just filling shelves with popular supplements for sale. Our model is to research the best forms of nutrients, at the best treatment strengths, in the best bottle sizes at your best cost! This means we might just offer 1-2 choices in a nutrient versus having 20 companies with similar products at varying strengths, forms & costs. We also looked at Resveratrol & showed how the best cost product was the most expensive when you consider standardization (concentration). Hopefully, I will look great on camera & we will include the link to the video clip in the Sept Newsletter! Stay Tuned!
  • What’s up with our website?As you might know, the shopping cart is down & we have a huge update underway. After changing hosting services & an upgrade by our new host, many of the features did not work as intended. And many items have changed & prices needed to be updated. We are currently working to have it functioning by the end of September. Remember, if you are a patient at the Carolina Center, many of your supplements are ‘physician only’ & cannot be sold/advertised on the web. So, feel free to browse for ideas & information, especially for family members, but continue to order in person, e-mail us or call 919-781-9994
  • IodiZyme HPThis is our standard Iodine Formula from Biotics. It has the same makeup as Iodoral (12.5 mg per tab) & a bottle of 120 tabs runs $33.50. If you are taking Iodoral, this might be a more reasonable choice.
  • TICK Defense Center is OPENWith the recent warmer winters, tick bites may be on the rise & prevention is THE key to avoiding the complications of Lyme Disease. We are stocking the 3 basic items for prevention, which are:
    • Pro-Tick Remedy Kit ($4.49) – This Kit includes a Stainless Steel Tick Puller/Remover, with a small plastic magnifying glass. It also has an ID card to help you identify the tick species. This is THE best available!
    • Natrapel Picardin 20% Repellant ($5.99) – In deciding on what to stock, we chose to avoid DEET. While Deet is highly effective, there is controversy on this chemical, so we chose to go with Picardin. It is in the family of piperidine & has a similar structural component as the plant genus Piper (also known as black pepper). It has been widely used in Europe & Australia since the 80’s & has been available in the US since 2005. It comes in a 3.5 oz pump bottle & is to be applied to the skin. It also may be applied to clothing, but the Sawyer Clothing Spray (below) would be a more cost effective choice.
    • Sawyer Permethrin Clothing Spray ($11.99) – This is a pump spray for shoes & clothing. It is a synthetic molecule similar to Chrysanthemum. It is effective in repelling & killing ticks, mosquitoes, mites & more. When it is applied to clothing or footwear, it bonds to the fabric, minimizing the risk of exposure to the skin. A single application will last for about 6 weeks or 6 washings. We are stocking the 12 oz trigger spray bottle.
  • ENERGIZE & Balance (Renew Life > RL)This is new from RL & they state it ‘Balances Stress & tension, Increases Energy Level & Promotes Mental Focus’. All in one bottle! It is an herbal combo of Yerba Mate, Ginseng, Ashwagandha, Green Tea, Rhodiola, Gotu Kola, Cayenne, Bitter Orange, Banaba Extract, Quercetin, Horsetail & Digestive Enzymes. Even though it is marketed as a Women’s’ Formula, but I see nothing in it that would keep guys from taking it. We did a special buy & stock on hand is $19.95 (60 caps). Restock price is $23.99 > still a good formula & a good buy!
  • Ultimate Flora 50 Billion Travel Size 14 capsThis is RL’s high potency, 10 strain Probiotic. In the 14 cap Travel Bottle, it is perfect to take with you on a short trip to keep your tummy happy. In its small, blue glass bottle, it would not lose any potency in a carry on & kept out of the sun. Special Buy price is $16.74 or 4 for $59.95. Stock on hand.
  • Electro-pH ComplexThis is from APEX Energetics & it is designed to replace electrolytes. It is a powder that is mixed in water & it has a vanilla flavor. Besides the calcium, magnesium, zinc, selenium, molybdenum, boron & sodium, a scoop has 535 mg of potassium – about the same as a large banana. Potassium is probably the most essential mineral to replace when exercising of working outdoors. The 60 scoop container runs $27.90 & UNLIKE most every other electrolyte drink, this has no sugar, using luo han & stevia for sweeteners.
  • Insomnitol for SLEEP– This 7+ part sleep formula from Designs For Health is very comprehensive. It may enable you to go from multiple bottles of sleep aids to get it all in this formula. A 60 cap bottle runs $38 & I find it effective at 1 cap 30 min before bed (suggested dose is 2 caps). Here are the ingredients & quantities per cap:
    • Herbal mix (500 mg) with Valerian 200 mg, Passion Flower 100 mg, Lemon Balm 100 mg, Chamomile 100 mg
    • All at 50 mg each > L-Theanine, 5 HTP & Gaba & Melatonin – 1.5 mg
  • If you have a collection of sleep aids by the bed, maybe Insomnitol can be the 1 bottle remedy!


 What’s working well ~

  • Essential ElectrolytesDon’t like mixing powder, then try these capsules with a blend of Vit C, calcium, magnesium, zinc, chromium, chloride, sodium & potassium. This is THE formula we use in the Finally Fit (ha2CG) program to minimize muscle cramps. It has a pH of 6.8, for an alkalizing effect. There are 100 vegan capsules in a bottle & it runs $12.99.
  • Thermo-EFx (aka Weight Management Support)This is from Designs for Health & they state it will ‘support healthy weight loss by helping increase the body’s metabolic rate’. Unlike most formulas, it does not have the stimulant related side effects. The main components are bitter orange extract (Advantra Z), which has been shown to increase basal metabolic rate (thermogenesis). The second main ingredient is Fucoxanthin (FucoPure), which is derived from wakame seaweed. Fucoxanthin has been shown to be a non-stimulant thermogenic, which can increase the rate at which abdominal fat gets burned. A bottle of 60 caps is $39.00 & the dose is 1 cap before main meals.
  • Cholesterol Blockers (one of our favorites)From Vibrant Health (the Green Vibrance Folks), this formula has been a low cost way to support cholesterol metabolism. It is a chewable wafer of plant sterols (491 mg) + 10 mg of Policosanol. They state each tablet may block the absorption of up to 500 mg of cholesterol. In our house, if/when we call Dominos, the bottle comes out! A bottle of 60 wafers is still only $15.25 or get 3 for $36.60 ($12.20 ea).
  • Magnesium Serene is BACK!– This is Source Naturals (SN) powdered Magnesium, which is available in Tangerine or Berry. Due to popularity, SN has been out of stock on this product more than they have it available, but we are increasing our orders to we can KEEP IT IN STOCK. It is mixed in warm/hot water at bed & is a relaxing way to calm muscles, nerves & send you off to ZZZ Land when taken at bed. It comes in 9 oz ($21.98) & 17.6 oz ($41.98).


Things to know ~ A Potpourri of tips & info to help you stay healthier

  • Are Healthy Foods Really More Expensive?This is an ongoing debate in the nutrition field. This common perception is often used as an excuse to help us explain why many people do not consume diets that meet current dietary recommendations. I came across this “Question of the Month” in my September 2012 edition of the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. In my opinion, the answer to the big question is: IT DEPENDS ON HOW YOU MEASURE THE PRICE! There are 3 ways: price per calorie, per average portion and (my favorite) per doctor visit.
    • Per Calorie: Foods LOW in calories for a given weight seem to have a higher price
      • Example: Fresh produce
      • Per Average Portion: grains, vegetables, fruit and dairy foods are LESS expensive than most protein foods and foods high in saturated fat, added sugars and/or sodium
        • Example: ½ cup cereal vs. 3-4 oz steak
        • Per Doctor Visit: In theory, health costs are lower for those who eat healthier foods. Therefore, those patients would spend less in extra testing, blood work, surgeries, etc.

 The way I see it, there are 2 sides of the coin:

  1. Higher intake of nutrients commonly associated with a LOWER risk of chronic disease (specifically dietary fiber, vitamins A, C, D, E and B-12, beta carotene, folate, iron, calcium, potassium and magnesium) were associated with HIGHER diet cost.
  2. Higher intake of nutrients associated with a HIGHER disease risk (saturated fats, trans fats and added sugars) were associated with LOWER diet cost.

 These are the ugly facts, especially in today’s food industry where consumer preferences have an impact on final food choice and cost. For example, fast food restaurants with dollar menus are a tempting distraction and easy substitute for meal planning/preparation and cooking at home when many of us have a full schedule. What I am asking is this, have a bigger YES for your health and take charge of what goes into your mouth. As a long term college student, I can assure you that it IS possible to eat healthy on a low budget, while lowering your risk of chronic disease. For now, I will leave you with a few tips that I have learned over the years:

  • Grow your own. This is the most cost effective way in my opinion to save money on the grocery bill. Seeds are very inexpensive for what they yield in dollar amount. This is a long term commitment, however starting small and adding to your garden each season or year will make it easier on your wallet at the start. For those in apartments or limited space, begin with an herb garden. Growing tomatoes or green peppers on the deck. Eventually, you can move on to raised beds outside or a ground garden.
  • Shop the perimeter of the store. The foods found outside of the aisles tend to be more of a necessity than those found in the aisles. For example, meat and produce are usually around the perimeter and processed foods (luxury items) are in the center of the store or located at the end of aisles for advertising.
  • Coupon for household and personal hygiene products only. Couponing can be a great hobby when shopping on a budget, however most coupons are for processed food items. There are no coupons for fresh fruit & veggies.
  • Learn to love to cook. Cooking is a therapeutic outlet and stress reliever. Take pride in your cooking and experiment as much as possible. Most families only have 10 recipes in rotation and that can become boring very quickly! Try new foods and recipes to keep a variety in your diet.

 That’s all for now! Look for more tips and budgeting advice in upcoming newsletters. If you would like to learn more or have a question, shoot me an email at colleen@totalhealthnutritioncenter.com. I would love to hear from you!

 -Colleen Doorhy, MS, LE ~ Nutrition & Lifestyle Educator


 Attack of The TV Supplements ~ Is Nectresse Natural? Does it Have Calories?

 The answers are NO & YES. It takes just a few minutes on the web to find the real story behind McNeil Nutritionals latest “Miracle” Sweetener to see the facts behind this Un-Natural Product. (Remember, Splenda is also McNeil’s Invention.) So, what are the omissions from their cool advertising?

  • They say Nectresse is 100% Natural since it is made from Monk Fruit & Contains Zero Calories
    • Monk Fruit is the 3rd ingredient.
    • The first ingredient is erythroil – which is a sugar alcohol derived from GMO corn. It contains no calories & since it is the primary ingredient & contains less than 4.99 calories, under FDA Guidelines, the entire product can claim Zero Calories. Even if it contained 4 calories, the product could still be labeled “Zero” calories.
    • The second ingredient is sugar from refined Sugar Beets & probably GMO. The exact mg per serving is not listed, so the calories are unknown. But even if there were 10 calories, if there were less mg of this than the erythroil, the product could be labeled as Zero. In this case, it makes NO difference which parameter they are applying to their claim. It could be 100 calories & if there were 2 mg of erythroil & 1 mg of sugar per serving, it is still the second ingredient, so the labeling ‘faux paus’ applies. L
    • The third ingredient is Monk Fruit (aka Lo Han), which is extracted ‘naturally’ using water & heat (versus chemicals). This is good. They use the Monk Fruit as the basis of using ‘natural’ in marketing.
    • The fourth ingredient is Molasses – another sugar & assumed to be derived from Sugar Beets.
    • So, you be the judge. It appears to Not be very natural & just another example of Pharmaceutical/Chemical Companies using the fuzzy FDA Guidelines to give us another questionable product. Sometime later this year, we’ll republish our article on Zero Calories, but basically lobbyists from companies got guidelines passed thru the FDA that permit under 5 calories to ‘hide’ in food & use a Zero Calorie Label as shown above
    • Stevia & Truvia seem to be the only no-calorie products we can trust.


Coming Next Time > Here’s where you can be a part of this Newsletter!

  • ABC 11 / WTVD Feature on the Supplement Industry & how TOTAL HEALTH stands apart – we’ll provide the link to their website so you can see the feature.
  • Resveratrol – Are you getting a decent dose? Do you understand the complexities of standardization? This is THE most confusing part of reading labels & it is hard to know WHAT is the right form & dose. We’ll help you with the math & show you how to evaluate the labels. We have a goof Fact Sheet on Fish Oil, so if you take Omega 3’s, e-mail back & request it so you can be sure you are on the right dose.
  • Vitamin E & why are there 40 choices in the health food stores? We see 3 ‘categories’ that encompass the myriad of choices, so how do you figure out what you need & make a good buying decision? Health Food Stores usually ask if you have a favorite brand & then help you pick from that line. This is an area where the raw materials are usually the same, so knowing the differences can get you better products & prices. We’ll break it down for you!
  • THE Antioxidant Dream Team – This is a doctor produced list of THE key antioxidants recommended for better health. I first saw this list in the late 90’s      & I’ll update it for the new, better forms of nutrients on the market today.

 That’s all the room on the page, so until next month, stay healthy and take your vitamins!

 Jeff Hickman - Product Manager/Buyer for Total Health Nutrition Center ~ Ph (919) 781-9994 / E-Mail   jeff@totalhealthnutritioncenter.com  

 THNC is a retail supplement store providing products and manufacturer information about their use.  We do not provide any individualized nutritional advice.  No statements included in this newsletter have been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Any products mentioned above are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.